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sunny meraki fotografie mallorca
sunny meraki fotografie mallorca

sunny meraki   wedding photography

it's time for some good memories
I mean- it's your wedding day!!!

sunny meraki fotografin mallorca

Mallorca, Spain.



sunny meraki beste hochzeitsfotografin mallorca

As a wedding photographer, I don't just take a few snaps, I create memories for eternity. I mean, these are THE pictures that you will cherish later on A new beginning for you two...


I'm a wedding photographer on Mallorca and wherever love happens. I'm happy to be able to capture tiny little moments, because you put a lot of attention to detail into a wedding like this.


I love being part of you, I'm the one who goes into the photo corner with the grumpy uncle because he's not in anything else. The one who reminds guests to sign the guestbook. The one who takes the stress off you so you can enjoy your day.


We have fun and celebrate you, I'm there if you need advice on the schedule or vow ideas, or an outside opinion on the dress/suit or hairstyle.


I am more than your wedding photographer. I am there




You weren't just our wedding photographer. It just felt like you were a part of us. With your relaxed and funny manner, we even got photos of my uncle laughing heartily! Thank you for you, thank you for all your love and this incredible talent.
sunny meraki fotografie mallorca


mobil:  +34 660 310 979


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