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sunny meraki fotografie mallorca
sunny meraki fotografie mallorca

sunny meraki   photography

it's time for some good memories

sunny meraki fotografin mallorca

authentic pictures,



No run-of-the-mill photo shoot where you stand in front of a wall in jeans and a white shirt and smile into the camera. I want real moments. I want to get to know you. The way you are. Pinterest is full of photo ideas. But I get to know you. With my heart, my eyes & through my lens. I see you in real life and see what suits you. How you are, together. Close your eyes and enjoy. Feel each other, be one. We talk all the time. You talk and fool around together. Be real, be who you are. What's the point of a perfect photo pose if you're not at all like that? I'm also the wrong photographer if you need someone for posed pictures.

I recognize you and then guide you. We are in constant motion. No tension, no nervousness, and the guys can be happy too: so far, my ratings have come more from them than from the girls. Because it's relaxed, a trip so to speak. We go for a walk, run into the water. Eat pizza and drink vino. You can tease & love each other. Full of trust, I can create your memories. It's more than just taking photos. It's a little adventure. With lots of humor, spontaneous crazy ideas and without "I can't do it". Because even if you're just standing there looking stupid, I can make it cool.

Sunny side note: stay cool and be yourself. You're exactly right the way you are. It's going to be a cool time, I'm looking forward to it!

490€  1.5 hours
+100€ raw video or +190€ short lovebird clip edited


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sunny meraki hochzeitsfotografin mallorca

or do you need a

Your business is what you make of it. I think we want special good sh*t! Your brand is good, your photos should be the same level! let's make some good content and bring your brand on fire ! 

sunny meraki fotografie mallorca


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